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Haunted House Party (31 photos)


The whole dessert table

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I decided to incorporate many different ‘spooky’ genre’s so the party table paid homage to witches, mummies, zombie’s monsters, vampires among others. Some of the food I included was ‘witches cauldron’ cupcakes, cute little ‘eyeball cake pops’ (as seen on Bakerella’s blog), ‘zombie graveyards’ chocolate mousse pots, ‘ogre’s teeth’ , ‘serpent swamps’, bat cookies and many other spooky concoctions. Out of all of the platters and bowls on the dessert table, I only used 3 things that I already owned (2 Rosanna cake platters and the black bird cage) for the rest I had so much fun scouring garage sales and op shops for old glass bowls and plastic cocktail glasses which were spray painted black, turned upside down and glued to the base of the bowls to create all my spooky serving ware. I used an old brown suit case to create a zombie graveyard for the chocolate mousse pots and a spray painted an old plant urn black then filled it with plastic skulls and placed a glass plate upside down on top of them to make a flat surface to use as a platter for my ‘skull crusher’ chocolate slices.  As take home favours the kids were given plastic vampire teeth, ‘I vant to suck your lollipops’ and ‘Hubba Bubble Toil & Trouble’ gum. Some amazing people worked with me to create different aspects of the party and they are listed below.


Bat & tombstone cookies and birthday cake -
Witches Cauldron Cupcakes -
Party styling and all other food -
Party printables including cupcake wrappers, buffet tags, spooky welcome sign above the table and chocolate wrappers -


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