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Blast Back To School! (16 photos)


Blast Back To School with a fun space themed breakfast party!

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    • September 8, 2012 at 7:42AM
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Starting a new school year is always such an exciting time! I don't
know if your child is like mine, but Dashell's been begging to go back
to school all summer. And with his new school year just around the
corner, it's definitely the perfect time to mark this milestone with a
little celebration!

I wanted this party to capture the pure excitement that Dashell has
for returning to school so I decided that "Blast Back To School" was
the perfect theme. Full of rocket ships and space fun to throw his
imagination and inquisitive spirit into high gear!

Since every great school day begins with a great breakfast, I
thought that a cereal bar party would be fun... and so did the kids!!
(In fact they decided the cereal scoops were a much better way then
boring old bowls!)

Keeping with the theme we had cereal labeled: "Space Rocks",
"Asteroids", "Saturn's Rings" and "Mini Planets" in abundance. I used
cereal bowls to give the "Rocket Fuel" (orange juice boxes) a little
lift. Of course cereal is always better with a little milk, so I found
some super cute bottles of milk (from Alta Dena) at my local grocery
store and decorated them to look like rocket ships. And no balanced
breakfast is complete without some fruit. A few embellished
Clementines made adorable "Suns on a stick" (I just love things on

The party didn't end there. As I'm sure you know, when you purchase a
lot cereal you are left with a lot of boxes so why not turn them into
jet packs! (The tutorial will be on my blog this week.)

Dashell couldn't have been more excited about getting his own jet pack
(or about helping me make them!)

If you have followed me for a while you know, I just love to find fun
activities for my parties. And what better activity for a space party
than Stomp Rockets! TONS of fun and a great opportunity to talk about
power of air pressure!

And because every child should be able to Blast Back to School in
style, I am giving away my full collection!! Please click over to my
blog to find how to download your free Back To School Printables! And
I hope that your little one has a BLAST at school this year!!

Gwynn Wasson Designs
Pasadena, California
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