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Baker's Twine Cupcake Tutorial (5 photos)



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Twine Cupcake Tutorial

by: Nicolle Spitulnik/Libby Lane Press

Small Styrofoam sphere - 2.5 in.
Baker’s Twine
Cupcake Liner
Fabri-Tac fabric glue
Hot glue gun/glue
Adhesive gems

Step One:
Squeeze a small amount of Fabri-Tac fabric glue around the lower section of the styrofoam sphere.  This adhesive dries very quickly so be sure not apply too much at once.  Repeat the steps of adding Fabri-Tac, then wrapping until the upper half of the sphere is completely covered in baker’s twine.  Since the bottom will be affixed to cupcake liner with hot glue there is no need to wrap the bottom. 

Step Two:
Slice a small portion of the rounded bottom of the Styrofoam ball off to create a flat surface to glue the twine “cupcake” into the liner. 
Place a small amount of hot glue in the bottom of the cupcake liner. Once glued the Styrofoam sphere is glued into the cupcake liner you should not see any of the white Styrofoam exposed.  If so, add additional baker’s twine.

Step Three:
Embellish the top of your cupcake with adhesive gems and pearls to act as sprinkles.

Step Four:
Place cupcake into an individual cupcake box for delivery with the coordinating invitation or display on a cupcake stand for your next sweet little soiree.


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