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Mad Scientist (50 photos)


mad scientist

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What is a better way to lean about Science than having a Mad Scientist party? Our dessert table was turned into a real lab with edible sweets like atom balls, lab rats, brains, frogs, crystal rock and bacteria culture, to name a few.
The party icons from the Mad Scientist printable collection were used to decorate the push up pops to look like real test tubes, colored water was served in a Beaker set,  jello with gummy balls and worms in petri dish and green and blue M&Ms in test tubes were a must to make the edible lab a success.
Science wall decall was used as a backdrop to make the edible lab more realist.
To add more details to the dessert table, a snake and a giant ant were displayed in glass containers and metal trays were used to display some of the goodies. To add more fun, the children's table was also styled to resemble a lab. A microscope, funnels and beakers were added to the table along with coordinating party ware. Black wrapping paper with scientific formulas written on it was used for the children's table backdrop.
Some of our mad scientist projects were Lava Lamp, Glitter Green Slime and Crystal Bubbles.
The party favors were Mad Scientist totes for the girls and fabric string bag for the boys filled with pop rock magic potion, bubbles in test tubes and glow in the dark bouncy balls.
It was MAD FUN party!

styling and photography by Crissy's Crafts
Mad Scientist printable from Bird's Party
Mad scientist tee by *golden*
lab coat and mad scientist tote bag by Patricia McGrath
bunting, table runner and tablecloth, bow ties and string bags
by  Celebrations by Jill
mason jar top, glitter utensils and mini plastic suitcases from Whimsical Printables

cupcake toppers by Edible Details


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