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Glamour Girls in Paris (50 photos)


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This was my daughter's 6th Birthday - She started obsessing over Vintage barbies last year when we went to an antique shop and she saw some of the first barbies ever made. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted to go to Paris, but knowing we would not go I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, thats when she decided she wanted a  Barbie Party, I really wanted to have a Hello Kitty Camp Birthday Party but since it isn't my birthday I had to go with the birthday girl's idea. I never really like the modern barbie style. When lookin at ideas on the web, I saw a couple vintage Barbie parties and thought I go with that flow. I found some great party favors on Etsy that thought the kids would love. All decorations were handmade by mommy and daughter  with help from daddy who helped build the runway and build a canopy for her Cafe. We always make sure a kids parties are just that  a kid's party...we kept the girls and boys entertained all way around with Picasso Art, Fashion Runway Show, Dancing, Hoola Hoop Contest, Moonbounce, Musical Chairs and more. Most of the Decor was from my newest obsession, black/white and gold, I used my Chevron table runner from my dining room set and went with that pattern. The chandeliers where from my sisters wedding that I did last year, everything was pretty much from other parties I've done. This was another great birthday party our little princess enjoyed to the max.


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