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Modern Spanish Tapas Bridal Shower (25 photos)


Rosette backdrop

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I was recently asked to do the decor for a friend's bridal shower.  I wanted to give her a special day that was reflective of her style, which leans toward a classy modern. But  she has also a love for all things Spanish (she minored in Spanish and studied in Spain for a year), which includes her fiance, Robert (who is from El Salvador). My goal for this bridal shower was to fuse both modern and Spanish styles, as well as use her colors of black, white and lime green. The result: a Modern Spanish Mediterranean Tapas Bridal Shower.

My co-planner and our hostess, Carol, did an amazing job on the food. She was able to make most items ahead of time, freeze and then simply warm up for the shower.  Those items that couldn’t be made ahead she had catered by Porto’s Bakery in Burbank, CA.  The cakes came from Porto’s as well, and were delicious (Napoleon and Napoleon dulce de leche)!  Wealso  served iced tea, water, and of course, homemade sangria.

For shower decor, I decided to go with succulents (which are both modern and mediterranean), rosette fans in black, white and green, and some doilies to add a little Spanish flair.
• Succulents: I was able to find mini potted succulents at WalMart for super cheap. Then, rather than buying a bunch of mini aluminum flower pots to put them in, I wrapped the pots in plain ole aluminum foil, which looked great!  We used the mini succulents to display our food labels (they were SO cute!), as well as random decor around the house.  Carol has a massive succulent tree on her porch, which we used to create a beautiful and striking backdrop for the drink table.
• Rosette Fans:  I love the idea of the rosette fan for Laura because it has contemporary feel, yet is also is very Spanish. We made about a million fans in a wide variety of sizes (I think the largest was almost 3 feet across) and put them everywhere, adding doilies to the center of some to give them even more of a Spanish feel.  I created a rosette fan collage backdrop by duck taping, hot glueing and pinning the fans to a huge piece of cardboard (they can be a little uncooperative at times).  I don’t know how others have done it, but this made it super simple.  I was able to lay everything out and rearrange as needed, then attach. I was also able to conveniently assemble the whole outdoor backdrop the day before, then just set it out right before the shower.
• Banners: I made a few banners with Spanish love words using black paper and a pretty Martha Stewart Punch?. 

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