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Construction Party (11 photos)


Sheldon with his dinosaur

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Now that my kids are getting bigger I have been putting quite a bit of detail into their birthday parties.

Sheldon's 2nd birthday was in June 2011. Since Sheldon was able to walk all he wants to do is play with his TOOLS, BUILD things, and play CONSTRUCTION games. He walks around our house with his tools in his hand "fixing" everything, we had dents all over our walls to prove it. He wants to be just like Daddy :)

So of course we thought of incorporating his love for construction into his party. I hope you enjoy!

When each child arrived for "CLOCK IN" they were given a Construction hat with their name on it and a foam power tool. They had a choice from a chain saw, drill, circular saw, and impact wrench.

I bought the hard hats and foam power tools from Oriental Trading Company, and then I designed name tags and printed them on clear labels to attach to the hats.

We had two different activites for the kids to do.

One was put together and paint a dinosaur. My husband and dad spent hours design, cutting and sanding tiny little pieces of wood to make 20+ Dinos for the kids.

The other activity was a build a construction site sticker sheet. I got these from Oriental Trading Company and the kids had so much fun with them. The left over stickers they used to decorate their hats.

Each kid had their very own "Construction" lunch bag.

Lunch was a "Construction" style lunch which included a juice box, ham sandwich, bag of chips and an apple.

The cake and cupcakes my sister and I made. Inside the cake was chocolate and vanilla dyed yellow and Orange buttercream. The Cupcakes were cookies and cream since they looked like dirt :)

All around the house I had little things to do with construction. We used buckets to hold the chips and popcorn, pylons to hold balloons and sign. The signs around the house were "Dump Everything, Sheldon is turing Two", "Clock In", "Clock Out", "Lunch Break", "Dig", "Fix", "Work Zone", "Play Zone" etc.

I also made the invitations I didn't get a picture of the actual invite before I sent them out but I do have the computer design.

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