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Vintage Girly Birthday Party (10 photos)


I made my daughter's tiara using lace and fabric stiffener. Just soak the lace in fabric and lay it out to dry. Once it dries hot glue it into a circle and then decorate it with rhinestones or just leave it plain. you can attache it with bobby pins or string.

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For my daughter's birthday part this year we had a girly vintage theme.  I made all the decorations including the cupcake toppers and the pom balls that were made from coffee filters.  You can go to my tutorial for dying coffee filters and making flowers from them here: { } and you can see my tutorial for making the party balls from the coffee filter flowers here { }.

I used curtains for the table clothes and I hung a large piece of leopard print fabric on the back of the tent for a backdrop and used clothes pins to attach pink balloons around the top of the backdrop.

My daughter's favorite part was the punch fountain (which I borrowed from my MIL).  She loved not only serving herself, but everyone else as well!

Dallas, TX
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