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Let the Ghoul Times Roll (44 photos)


Let the Ghoul Times Roll--Black Light Halloween

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The aim of this party was to create a kid-friendly vent with New Orleans flair.  The charming printables from Frog Prince Paperie were the perfect place to start the design, with their smiling ghosts bedecked with mardi gras beads and masks.  I could immediately see it--jazz, voodoo, pralines, beads, FUN.

I decided I wanted to play with light for this party, and designed everything to be seen both under regular light, and under black light.  What could be more fun, enticing, and kid-friendly than the magic of discovery of new elements under black light?

I used pieces of antique Vaseline serving dishes for the dessert table.  Vaseline glass is the perfect shade of yellowish green in regular light, and glows an intense green under black light.  I used black light reactive props like the candles and beads as well.  But that wasn't all--I wanted the food itself to glow, too!  Did you know that tonic water (with quinine) flouresces a brilliant blue under black light, and that vitamin B glows yellow?  It took quite a bit of experimenting to get the effects to work as well in reality as they did in my mind, but in the end, we had a fabulous party both in daylight and black light.

We served ectoplasmic pudding, scorpion lollipops (did you know that scorpions glow under black light?  Strangely, we had no takers for that sweet ;-) ), edible spider webs (cotton candy), Cookie Crypts (with ghosts that appeared under black light), A haunted cookie portrait gallery (with specters that appeared under the UV rays), edible beads, amazing skull cake pops (by the exceptional ), custom-wrapped chocolates, and Cupcakes of the Living Dead.

Favors were kid friendly and black light fun, too.  I used the vitamin B to make a completely safe play dough that glowed an eerie yellow under black light.  A few feathers and more of the printables and the containers were ready to roll.  And classic pralines were a must, of course, cleverly packaged in CD sleves and embellished with the printable collection.  

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