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Vintage Inspired Tiffany Wedding (49 photos)


Guest Sign in Table

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celebrating my little brothers wedding was absolutley great! I worked on this wedding in design setup, coordinating, along with photography, & Florals, a little stressful but this is what
my passion is! Jennifer the bride wanted a vintage Tiffany's inspired wedding, so putting all the details together was a blast for me. Since this was my brothers wedding I of course wanted to make it really that much special & memorable for them. I suggested a photobooth which are really
popular these days & so much fun at any event especially a wedding.
The props we used definately made it feel like we had gone back in time for some quick snapshots. Both young & old really had a blast with all the unique props and accesories, some guests even looked so believable in the picture, like it was really taken many years ago. All the Guest table centerpieces were the same concept featuring Vintage clocks, however all of the clock were an assortment of clocks somewhat in the same era. I added Pearls & Diamonds to sprinkle that glamour sophisticated look like Tiffany's. The Cake was a favorite for all the guests, the simplicity was beautiful and the Love birds that I created, with a handmade tie made by Nana really added that much more to make it Unique. The Groom added cameras at all the tables for the guests to have fun with & capture thier moments! There was also a polaroid camera at the guest entrance sign in table to have the guests take a personal picture of their party and incorporate that picture next to thier best wishes sign in book. The evening ran pretty smoothly and it was a succesful event. I hope you enjoy this wedding that had my heart in it! Please 
share some of  our moments!

Chakoda Design
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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