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Hello Karlie Birthday Party (33 photos)


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My daughter absolutely LOVES hello kitty. So naturally she wanted to have a hello kitty birthday party. I love that she loves hello kitty because I too was once a hello kitty fan when I was her age, however, I sometimes feel with character parties, it's hard to get creative because it's all been done before. I loved the ideas I had been seeing on pinterest of a 'make your own ice cream' bar so I thought, why not incorporate that in with the hello kitty theme!
My inspiration for this party was to not buy anything from the store that had hello kitty on it, instead I wanted to create it all myself so it would be totally original.  So everything was labeled with "Hello"....Hello Ice Cream, Hello Utensils, Hello get the idea.
I've done parties for her and her little sister (they have been featured here- tutu and ties 2nd birthday, vintage pink 3rd birthday, cute as a button first birthday) and EVERYTIME I end up using pink! So I decided that I wouldn't use ANY pink at all for this one. I really like how the feel of the party turned out. The red and teal gave it almost a vintage circus feel (even though I wasn't really going for that look). My silhouette cameo was my best friend for this party. I made all the stickers, printables, cut out letters for the banner. If it was something that needed to be cut out, then my cameo was the girl for the job! ;)
I also used Wild Sorbet frame company as my centerpiece (as I do with all my girl's parties), to tie it all together. They always help color match to my color scheme and it always just makes the party come alive and adds the personal touch I love so much.
My little girl had a big surprise before the party too. I had a nail tech come to the party before the guests arrived and painted her nails with hello kitty! It was so special for her to get her nails done like a big girl.
Everyone had such a great time creating their own ice cream sundae and playing. I would definitely say it was a successful party, one that my daughter and I will always remember!


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