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Parisian Engagement Party (19 photos)


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A couple months ago, I threw my best friend & brother-in-law an engagement party(how amazing is that??!). My best friend loves a black, white & pink color scheme. I thought- topiaries, hints of green, a little shabby chic pieces here & there...Parisian Party!! We were dealing with a small budget for a party of 40 people with hors d'oeuvres, dinner, cocktails & dessert. I put on my chef apron & got to work! I'm a big fan of DIY & details, but as most DIYers know, all those details can get a little costly. I immediately began search the Internet for some inexpensive ways to make beautiful centerpieces. Along came the crepe paper rosettes! If anyone has ever began the adventure of the rosettes, it goes without explaining; these things take FOREVER! I was determined though. I wanted to do 4 large topiaries, 4 centerpieces & 2 framed signs. I enlisted the help of my 2-year-old & she loved balling up those strips of crepe paper for me! I think the party came out pretty cute & everyone seemed to have a great time. On the menu we served a tomato bruschetta, a cream cheese spread, bacon wrapped chicken, baked ziti & tomato basil pasta (the couple loves Italian food). For dessert I prepared carrot cupcakes, brownies bites & sugar cookies. We offered beer, a white sangria & lemonade.


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