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Lucia´s owl themed party (17 photos)


The cake in detail

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My name is Diana Velasquez I am from Guayaquil - Ecuador and a huge fan of your website.  In august my baby girl turned one and with the help of my sisters we made a beautiful party that I would love to share with you and your readers. Mostly I would like to share it with all your community since you inspired many of my ideas.

Owl theme party I picked out this theme because it is my baby´s room theme and i love owls and even my baby shower was an owl theme party.

I want to point out that my daughter´s outfit was also a beautiful owl dress with an owl hair band as well

Decorations were made by my sisters and I  .

The pompom flowers and rossetes were and idea from your website.

The cake table was my sister´s Stephanie masterpice It took her a couple of days to make the fake owl cake she also made  the cupcakes, marshmellows sticks, cookies and all the treats. 

I got the tree trunks from the rainforest (my mother in law lives in the highlands and she got the trunks cut out especially for the party)  the trunks add a perfect rustic touch to the theme

We served popcorn in traditional popcorn bags with an owl label that mentions Canguil ..which means popcorn in spanish and cookies for little kids were also in the bags with a label that said galletas

As party favors we gave our little guest small hand towels that were placed in custom made paper bags (yes we cut and glued everysingle bag) with and owl face made with eva foam

The whole party was an DIY project we had the most beautiful time and besides my daughter dress I think we can say that it was all made by my sisers and I.  I am attaching some pictures of the party and I hope you enjoy and like them as much as we do.

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