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Burlesque Party Table (32 photos)


champagne and swizzle sticks

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The brief was a glamorous lolly table and decadent champagne & vodka bar for a ‘Prohibition party’ – to me this conjured up images of red velvet, gold sequins and black lace and from there the concept just came to life. The lolly table included a selection of gold, red and black candy including shimmer gold gumballs, red and black swizzle sticks, a hand-painted gold gumball machine with red jaffas in it, chocolate & caramel flavoured popcorn and mini chocolate bars custom wrapped in shiny satin fabric, black lace, sequins and glittered card stock. I also included shimmer pearl cake pops given a burlesque touch by pre-wrapping the sticks with black lace-look washi tape and securing a little red ribbon “garter” at the top of the stick as well as fantastic red chocolate covered Oreo cookies in the shape of lips.

The second table had a carousel of the most amazing burlesque dancer cupcakes which were made by The Cup Cake Parlour and inspired by the front cover of the book  ‘Kinky Cupcakes’ by Joanna Farrow. There were also mini bottles of vodka and glasses of champagne sweetened by swizzle sticks. A platter of chocolate dipped gold strawberries and little burlesque printed muslin favour bags ready to fill with gold chocolate coins finished off the second table. The lolly table backdrop was hand-made by me using red velvet as the ‘stage curtains’, gold satin covered in black lace as the centre backdrop and a lovely image of a dancer’s legs  embellished at the top of her stockings with real lace detail glued on and using every party-gal’s favourite Ikea Ung Drill frame for some extra glamour.


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