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American Gothic Rehearsal Dinner (24 photos)


Clothes pin of pictures of the bride and groom

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Whether you were born and raised here or you moved; most likely you have "Iowa Pride"! We wanted to show off one of the things Iowa is known for, it's corn, with a do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner "Corn Bar". We incorporated corn elements as much as possible from the popcorn favors to the corn filled candles and centerpiece. We also picked field corn stalks and dried them out prior to creating a gorgeous centerpiece full of sunflowers and solidago (picked fresh from the fields). This rehearsal dinner party wouldn't be complete without a homemade photobooth replicating the details of the "American Gothic" painting!

Contributing Vendors
• Photos: Pitman Photography

• Location: Private farm in Guttenberg, IA.

• Celebration Salad Plates, Celebration Star Bowls, Homespun bowl for corn, Hudson Hurricane for centerpiece: Celebrating Home with Judy Thompson

• Linens and Design Assistance: Dress Your Event

• Popcorn favors: Freddie's Popcorn

• Floral Arrangements: Wild Orchid Custom Floral Design

• "American Gothic" Invite, Water bottle labels, "Corn Bar" sign and condiment labels: Garrett Ryan Design
• Get the paper products here:


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