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Preston's Polaroid Party (43 photos)


Beverage Table

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During a routine ultrasound with my son Preston, the technician found something abnormal.  I was sent for numerous high level ultrasounds, only to be told that they had no idea what it was and that he would require surgery when he was three months old.  The doctor said that they would know what it was after they could physically do an ultrasound on him.  We had to meet with a team of surgeons at Yale New Haven Hospital.  It was a very difficult time for me and my husband.   When Preston arrived, his ultrasound was normal.  We were thrilled!  Preston is such a bright light.  He is always happy and smiling.  My original plan for his party was a pea theme.  He loves peas so much that I thought it would be funny to do.  I started planning for that, but stopped because I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to plan a big party.  So I decided that I would just print out some large pictures of him and have a smaller party.  I couldn’t choose which photos to display because they were all too cute.  That’s when I realized that I had to print out a bunch of pictures.  I had the idea of a Polaroid Party because I thought it would be cute to turn his photos into Polaroid pictures.  I also loved the rainbow stripe on the Polaroid camera and thought it would be so much fun adding hints of color to his party.  This was my first attempt at having a themed party and boy was it FUN! 

Invitation Polaroid Template:  I used the Polaroid template and then made the Polaroid stripe pattern in Photoshop.
Birthday Outfit: This was such a great photo prop.
Baby Memory Album: I brought Preston’s baby memory album that I made to his party.  I had guests sign the guest section.  It was also on display for people to see his growth throughout the year.  Custom albums are available at The Sweet Rhino on Etsy.
Onesie Stickers:  I used my monthly Onesie stickers from or  to take pictures of my son every month from the day he was born until his first birthday.  His photos were the center pieces for the tables. 
Cake and Cupcakes:  The cake and cupcakes were absolutely Amazing!!!  I don’t think I have ever had such a great tasting cake.  Marizol was a delight to work with
Polaroid Camera Photo Prop: I bought my vintage Land Camera from LoveButlerVintage on Etsy.
Photo Props:  These photo props were so great.  They were very sturdy and super cute!
Photo Prop Background:  I found Roman Shades at The Christmas Tree Shop and hung them over a coat rack. 
Large Cupcake Stand:  This cupcake stand was made to order.  It was a perfect addition to my party.
Mini Cupcake Stands: I loved these cupcake stands so much.  I had them custom painted and they did not cost a lot of money.
Cupcake Tins:
Rainbow Bunting: This rainbow bunting was PERFECT for my party.  It added so much color and was such a cute addition to my photos.
Cupcake Flags:  The cupcake flags really added dimension to my hand made cupcakes.
Bunting for the thank you table:  This rainbow bunting was Awesome!  The colors were bright and it was very well made.
Felt Birthday Hat:  Absolutely adorable! My son looked adorable in this photo.
Coloring Book Cover:  I made the front and back cover of the coloring book using Photoshop. 
The image on the back came from

Coloring Book Inside Pages:  I make Onesie stickers and I used my black and white artwork for the inside coloring book pages.  My designs are really fun and very kid appropriate.
Water Bottle Labels:  I made the water bottle labels using Photoshop.  I printed them on crack and peel paper.  It was awesome!
Food and Beverage Tents:  I thought these were so cool to use for the food and beverage table.    They are handmade too, even better.
Thank You Cards:
Polaroid Cookies: The cookies were delicious and looked Awesome on the table!
Polaroid Cake Pops:  The cake pops were so cute and delicious.
Table Runners:  I used white felt and color streamers. I wanted the center of the table to have some color.  I was going to use colored felt to make the streamers, but I really liked how bright the streamers were.  If you try to do this, you will need to use a heavy duty glue stick.  
Center Pieces:  I bought artist’s canvas boards to mount my photos on.
Hats:  The colorful hats came from Party City.
Backdrop prints for the food and beverage table:  I took pictures of Preston wearing his birthday suit that I got from Cally at   I wanted the focus of my party to be about Preston’s photos.   I made the Polaroid pictures in Photoshop and then had them printed at Costco
Backdrop prints for the cake table:  Since the Polaroid stripe is a Spectrum of Light, I thought it would be fun to connect it to Preston being such a bright light.  I made the Polaroid pictures in Photoshop and then had them printed at Costco
Chip Boxes:  I ordered white boxes from Uline and then I created the cover to look like the actual Polaroid film box.
Printing:  AlphaGraphics did an amazing job printing my water bottle labels, chip boxes and coloring books.  They were vivid!  I used crack and peel paper.  It was very easy to stick to the box and glass bottles.
Glass Bottles:  I bought 36 empty bottles at my local soda company for 2.00.  Talk about a score.



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