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Pirate Birthday (33 photos)


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My son really wanted a pirate theme for his 4th birthday.  My husband and I have been adding to a theme since his 1st birthday when we couldn't find much in sock monkey, so rather than buying a party in a box we made many of our own things inspired from internet searches and combined many bought items.

My husband took a map of our town and with computer editing made it into a treasure map with rough drawings of major land marks in the area.  He burned the edges with a lighter to finish it off.  We found envelopes similar to the paper and supplies to do the wax seals at Michael's.

When guests arrived we had a pirate Jolly Roger flag flying on the flag pole (  Inside the door was a table with face paint, eye patches, gold hoop earrings, bandanas, paper hats, sashes (strips of striped fabric), and tattoos ( and Hobby Lobby).  Adults were encouraged to dress up right away.  We did face paint on the kids and gave them bandanas, but they had to earn their pirate costumes during the treasure hunt.  The rooms were decorated with ballons and banners and papers with pirate phrases (printed from the computer with the edges burned like the invites).

We started the treasure hunt welcoming our pirate recruits.  They were given toy compasses (Hobby Lobby) and a map (made from a paper bag that I crumpled then decorated with rough drawings of features of the yard with a pirate/island spin).  At each stop along the way the pirate recruits earned more of their costumes: sashes, eye patches, gold hoop earrings.  We also set up a board over a blue towel to be a plank or bridge.  Finally, at the treasure chest they received swords (Target) and pouches (Hobby Lobby) and they could fill up with necklaces, rings, and plastic coins (dollar store).

The next game was Tick Tock Toss the Croc.  We had found a stuffed crocodile (Disney Store) that the kids tossed around to pirate music like a game of hot potato.  When the music stopped, the pirate lost a hand and gained a hook, but was out of the game.

Finally, we did a pirate ship pinata ( before heading inside for food, cupcakes, and presents.  The food was given pirate inspired names printed on paper and made to be sails on bamboo squewers.  We had:

Shark fins - tortilla chips

Chum bucket - Rotel dip

Peg legs - taquitos

Fruit of the Carribean - fruit tray and oranges with mini sails on toothpicks

Land brush - veggie tray

Octopus dip - ranch dip with a bell pepper cut up as an octopus

Sushi - strawberry and blueberry cake rolls

Catch of the Day - Goldfish crackers

Kracken - hot dogs cut up like squid

Sea Water - bottled water

Shark's Blood - strawberry Crush

Dark and Light Rum - IBC rootbeer and cream soda

Anti-Scurvey Juice - Lemonade

The cupcakes were inspired by the treasure map cakes and cupcakes  I had seen online and the parrot/treasure chest cupcakes from

The party was a blast for everyone and our little pirate loved it!


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