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Sock Monkey 1st Birthday (15 photos)


computer editted invitations

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When planning our son's 1st birthday, we could not find sock monkey 1st birthday supplies.  Instead we chose a 1st birthday pattern for the plates and such that we liked and my husband set off doing his computer editting to make our ideas work.  The border of the invitation is from the paper plates and the sock monkey comes from pictures we took of our son's beloved sock monkey.  

I found additional sock monkeys at Sam's Club and we used those as balloon weights.  Barrels of Monkeys added extra fun and detail.  Kyle also made the pinata out of paper mache.  We used baby food jars filled with candy as party favors and made candy bar labels to match.  THe goody bads for the kids were simply brown paper bags with eyes and red yarn glued on to the bag and a printed out smile. 

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