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An 'Oh Baby' Shower (25 photos)


Diaper cake containing 110 diapers. Used for a guessing game. Also contains various baby lotions, shampoos etc. in the center.

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As usual we designed everything from the ground up. did day of, created party games, a signature cocktail (yes, we told you it was sophisticated), baked/decorated a themed cake and catered it. (Italian food per Grandma/Grandpa (who's house it was) request. The Mom to Be's parents are of Argentinain heritage, first and probably only late baby for the family, tons of Spanish speaking guests. So we created a couple of Spanish/English games as Ice-breakers. One was the traditional Guess the Baby Name game where you have to write down the animal baby name ie Tiger = cub that sort of thing. We added a twist by inserting a 'spanish name' translation column and paired up English speaking only with Spanish speaking guests. It was a lot of fun as quite a few of the answers do not translate very well and/or the English speaking guest had to pantomime to some of the Spanish speaking guests what the question adult animal was. Quite funny and a great getting to know you game. We also created a diaper cake where Dad to Be carried it around and guests got to guess how many diapers were in it. (Mom and Da got to keep the diaper cake afterwards obviously!)


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