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Red Riding Hood Party (35 photos)


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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sadie. Sadie was just about to encounter the most enchanting and whimsical first birthday! My little girl has finally turned 1! What a special milestone, we had such a fun time!
Décor: The main display was three tables, the center being a vintage secretary desk that was covered in red and white checkered plaid, and green forest moss. The backdrop was designed by me, and the photo was from my printable design collection. The frame is rustic and custom made for the event. All printable designs were made by myself in my design shop for the event, and used throughout the display! We did a photo session with my daughter and her “wolf” our family dog, that is part German Sheppard and husky, and made the perfect addition to the photos! Some of the photos from the session were included in the display as well!
Food: I did various foods for the event including a gorgeous cake designed by myself and created by the wonderful cake shop “Sweet Spot Cupcakes” who have created flawless cakes for me time and time again! They also put together push up pops for me “Black FOREST cake” to theme to our event! They were a perfect tasty treat to add to the display! I did cupcakes, with matching toppers, forest veggies, homemade tiramisu served with strawberries, hot artichoke dip, and “Grandma’s apples”! I made fruit punch, and served a variety of candies, including “forest berries, grandma’s gingersnaps, and sweet peaches”! I also did custom candy bars, and water bottles as well!
Favors: The cutest little picnic baskets you ever did see! With printable designs by myself: and cute tiny chocolates inside!
I also had straws with adorable toppers added in the party as well and wooden spoons, because it fit beautifully with the décor!

Vendor credits
Event Styling, Printable Designs & Cake Design: Events by Kate
Design Shop:
Cake-Sweet Spot Cupcakes
Photos of Sadie and Wolf-Owen Imaging
Event/commercial photography- Ashley MacDougall photography
Red Riding Hood Costume-Little Whimsy Wears
Picnic Baskets-found at Whimsical Printables
Straws and wooden spoons-Green much

Kamloops, AK
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