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{sweet as a peach} baby shower (33 photos)


food table

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This party started out themeless (that's a word, right?!). I worked with the sister of the sweet mother-to-be to put it all together. Basically we started off with a color scheme of coral and teal because those are the colors for the nursery. I already had a lot of the things we needed to decorate the party, I just had to spray paint them.

The candelabra we used to hold the trail mix cups was something that I had bought a year ago and was just sittting in my basement all yellow and yucky. I gave it new life with a fresh coat of coral spray paint and the fruit/nut cups from Pick Your Plum fit PERFECTLY in it. Since the cups weren't the right color, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a cupcake wrapper and I just fit it around the cup and glued it.

I also gave my make shift pastry pedestal holder a makeover by spray painting it (for the 4th time! it started off brown and has been many colors since!). I then torn strips of coral/peach/demask fabric and tied it around the circle part of the pastry pedestal and added a teal circle (cut to size by my silhouette cameo).  I had ordered some coral straws to fit over the stick part of the pedestal but they didn't arrive on time. We were at the zoo with my family 2 days before the shower and the restaurant there had white paper straws. So they let me have 12! I'm glad I got white ones because the coral straws would have been just too much coral with the holder being coral and the fabrics.

The framed letters were what make this party shine. I already had these frames left over from my own daughter's nursery. The frames are from my favorite frame company, Wild Sorbet! All I had to do was put some fabric behind the frame and some cardboard. Then I bought the letters to spell out the baby's name from Hobby Lobby using different fonts and sizes. And yes, I could have bought a normal 'a' but I thought the '@' was so much fun to throw in there! Hanging the frames was nothing short of rigged. Completely rigged. But it stayed strong during the whole party, even when my 4 year old was poking at them making them swing back and forth!

The table cloth was left over from the Hello Kitty party I did for my daughter the month before. I simply added some coral strips of fabric to the ends to spruce it up a bit.

Now for where the peach theme came into play for this shower....I bought baskets from Target (in the dollar section at the front) not having a clue how I was going to use them for the party but the liner matched perfectly to the tablecloth so I knew we had to use them. I had thought about white mums but it still just didn't seem right. When I asked Candace, the girl helping throw the shower, about what she thought, she said "maybe peaches?" YES! Perfect! It was the right color and we could fill the baskets and put them on the guest tables. So then I decided to tie the peaches theme in a little more by adding peaches to the trial mix cups, and to top the beautiful cupcakes (made by Candace) and on the tags. It worked out perfect because although we wanted to go with more of a color theme it was also nice to have the peaches there too. It just added so much to the party (and it made the room smell great!)

The straws were made by my sweet Cameo machine and I simply hot glued them onto the straws. I cut about an inch off the straw to make it look better with the size of our canning jar cups. Again, I just torn fabric and tied it around the cups just like I did with the pastry pedestal.

All in all we did this shower on a tight budget. I would say we spent a total of $130 and that includes the food. We made all the food ourselves and that saved a ton!



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