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Brew Bash (46 photos)


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Hi I'm Lori Baskin and I own LB Boutique ( a mixture of hand crafted items and photography. Follow me on FB {LB Boutique by Lori Baskin or LB Photography by Lori Baskin}

My husband and I love to throw a good party, but we haven’t had the time since moving from Alaska. I thought this would be a perfect excuse to throw a party for Jonah’s Birthday. The idea for a Beer Bash was because first my husband loves a good beer and we now live in Milwaukee, WI which has lots of breweries, a bar on every corner, and lots of CHEESE.  I already had my colors in mind to be Mustard, Brown, Cream, and a Blue. Emma at Yellow Door Creative ( designed the perfect invite for the bash. Taylour at Swoon Soiree ( made my decoration dreams come alive.

I had been building up ideas on Pinterest (you can follow me at Lori Baskin ~ LB Boutique) since July of what I wanted to do for decorations. Swoon Soiree  made all the fan circles and seriously took them to another level. Jonah helped me with the beer bottles (aka he emptied them). My Sister-in-Law Anissa wrapped them in twine and I added wheat sticks to the bottles (No flowers for this party, even though I love them I wanted to keep this as clean, rustic, & manly as possible:).  The Birthday sign by YDC brought the table scape together. I flipped the invite over to use the beer bottle on the back as a pointing arrow. Alessia even helped with chalk board sign (trust me I had to erase her beautiful artwork ever 5 mins while I did this)

It wouldn’t be a Baskin party without Beer Pong. I found this table on craigslist for $19 and it was the perfect look of  rustic white (a little beat up from the college students, but what a great price). The winners of the Beer Pong received the BP Cup Trophies (I spray painted 2 candle stick holders white and hot glued 2 solo cups on top)

Our patio furniture couldn’t have fit more perfect with the color scheme and made a great relaxing area to drink beers and snack on candy. Jonah was mad that I put the blue jelly belly’s(we have a factory in Milwaukee that we have toured) at the bottom of the canister. Hello…did that on purpose so he wouldn’t mess up the colorssometimes you have to out smart them!

I had first wanted to do a beer tasting party, but that turned out to be too much/my husband thought all the beers would go bad if they had to sit out too long (only he would think of that). I switced gears to incorporating beers from where we have been stationed with the Coast Guard.

We had the Alaskan Summer and Amber. You use to not be able to find this beer unless you were on the West Coast, let me tell you how excited Jonah was to find this right down the street from us in Milwaukee.

Riverwest and Fixed Gear are Milwaukee based beers from Lake Front Brewery.

HELLO can’t forget the Root BEER Floats!!!
I picked up a Milwaukee based Sprecher Root Beer.

Where’s all the food????
Thinking about all the beer that was going to be consumed, I wanted everyone to experience a little bit of Milwaukee and the local places in our neighborhood. A few of the items we had are; Pulled Pork Sandwiches from Milwaukee Smoked BBQ (they just opened a few months ago). Sweet Corn from the local South Shore Farmers Market. Apple Coleslaw from Sendicks a local super market (they have carpet on the floor, you feel so fancy when you go there). One item I didn’t get pictured was the mini pretzel rolls from Mader’s German Restaurant  they didn’t even get a chance to get in the oven to warm before the boys had downed about 4 of them. The amazing beer cupcakes were made by Jonah’s boss Joe L. because they work in Food Service for the Coast Guard so why not use my resources. They were amazing and I was about to turn into a cupcake after eating so many.

POPCORN POPCORN POPCORN ~ Doug’s Cowboy Kettle Corn Popcorn is by far the most amazing thing and for entertainment he yells YEEEHAWWW after each batch he makes (check out his site). I used simple white bags wrapped them with teal twine (try saying that 10X’s fast…I bet you just tried) and used the Popcorn label from Yellow Door Creative. Simple but sweet Thank You’s to everyone for coming to the Bash. 

I know what you are thinking who serves water at a beer bash, but no lie we had only 1 lonely bottle left after the party…so thankfully YDC created the water bottle labels to fancy them up and keep with the color theme.

A photo booth is so simple to make at any party and you don’t have to have a fancy backdrop. Just add a cute banner and some props and you are set! Swoon Soiree made the adorable photo props and pennant banner. YDC added the Photo Booth Sign. I used Martha Stewart Blue & Black Chalk Board Paint on the wooden plaques.

Vendor Credits:
Yellow Door Creative ~ Invite, Table Sign, Popcorn labels, Water labels, Tooth Pick Flags, Cupcake Labels, Photo Booth sign
Swoon Soiree ~ Folded Circles Decorations, Baskin Beer Pong Sign, Keep Calm Drink a Beer Sign, Beer Me Sign, Pennant Banner, Photo Booth Props
LB Photography ~ Photography

Mason Jars for Root Beer Floats & Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint ~ Michaels
White Frames ~ Ikea
Twine ~ Groopdealz

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