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I Heart School (24 photos)


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Back to School…this phrase has been a constant for me for most of my life.  Many may not know, but I am was an elementary school teacher.  I do take a few substitute days here and there as I still enjoy the bussle of classroom life and I am not quite ready to give it up entirely.  With my own son entering Kindergarten this year, I have a whole new perspective and feel like the nervous momma bear letting her little cub venture off on his own for the first time.  I know he is excited and eager and well, I am too…just a little sad that he won’t be tugging at my arm at any point in the day to let me know he loves me or that his brother ‘touched him.’

When I created this party package, I was inspired by bright bold colors and cute craft projects.  This theme is young at heart, but it can still please an adult eye with its clean graphic patterns.  It is the ‘I heart School’ Back to school pack, and pardon my pun but it is ‘chalk’ full of fun ideas!

There are some cute take to school printables;  ’you are so sharp’ would be a great holiday gift for the teacher and/or boys and girls in the class, ‘you are one smart cookie’ is nice to send off in your kiddos lunch kit for the first day of school!

Two bookplate designs are great to make sure your child comes home with their books each day, but they can also be used at home for books in the family library too!

The party package has A-Z and 1-10 Flashcards,  Preschool to Grade 12 mini pennants, toppers, tags, mini notes to teacher and friends and so much more.  It will have more uses than just the decor for the party you will have, possiblilities are as endless as your imagination.  You can really have fun with it and make it your own!

On a side note: Taking pictures of the kids after they have enjoyed the party can be challenging at best.  They are on a blissful sugar high and have no desire to sit and pose, but yes we try anyway.  Here are some funny snapshots of what would seem to be a simple picture!

I hope all of you and your lil kiddies have a great back to school start to the year ahead.  Be sure to pick up this fun and sweet I heart School package to celebrate this special time!

all the best ~



Tania ~ Tania's Design Studio
Vancouver, WA
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