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Western Cowboy Baby Shower (48 photos)


Rustic Western Cowboy Baby Shower

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    wher did you get cowboy hats and turqouise burlap

    • December 8, 2012 at 12:01PM
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Rustic Western Cowboy Baby Shower
Colors: Chocolate Brown, Beige, Cream, Blues
Welcome Table Details: As guests entered the large reception hall, the first thing that they saw was my antique vanity which I used to display a framed welcome sign, framed pictures of the mommy-to-be, and a "Wish Tree" for guests to write a wish for the new baby boy. I also created a custom, personalized cardstock banner and hung it onto the front of the desk. At the base of the vanity, I decorated with a haybale, white pumpkin, and blue tissue pom poms.
Tables: Each table was covered with a chocolate brown tablecloth. I made runners for each using beige burlap. Some of the tables had vintage blue mason jars which I filled with baby's breath and daisies. I used handmade pottery and a tin milk can filled with fresh flowers as the centerpiece on others. I also accented with small cowboy hats and boots on each as well as placing blue strawberry baskets wrapped in a ribbon of burlap and filled with peanuts. In addition, small decorative glittery chocolate brown pumpkins and acorns adorned each tablescape.
Dessert Table: This was such a pleasure to create! First, I created the backdrop using various strips of burlap. I created the personalized framed picture and hung it in the center. I designed the the candy/sweets labels and layered cardstock and aqua burlap which made a beautiful statement. I created several custom sweets, including the horse lollipops, smores pops, chocolate covered oreos, and the chocolate boots and hats. I used a rustic lantern to hold a mason jar filled with smores pops. There were more smores pops placed in handmade pottery pitchers. Rustic wooden trays held iced sugar cookies shaped like hats, boots, and horses, as well as caramel apple creme candies. Slabs of birch wood held chocolate covered oreos with cowboy hats and boots fondant toppers, and also the chocolate boots and hats. Cute scalloped tins were used for the horse lollipops. Baskets were filled with blue rock candy sticks, and old fashioned blueberry candy sticks. I used a large rustic wooden 3 tier stand for cupcakes, and created custom cupcake toppers to adorn them with.  A 2 tier wooden planter with decorative wagon wheels contained strawberry baskets filled with gumballs, sixlets, and caramels, as well as held the brown treat bags.
Food and Drink Tables: Waterin' Hole-there were old fashioned style glass bottle cokes, orange soda, and root beer. Water and lemonade was also served in mason jars. The food was a potluck style dinner; however, we used several rustic platters and a basket to hold the food. Horse shoes, framed pictures, spurs, and fall decor accented this space as well.


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