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Pom Pom Winter ONEderland (49 photos)


It was a Pom Pom Winter ONEderland of fun for my daughter's first birthday. Seeing as her special day is super close to Christmas, I decided to decorate our house for Christmas that year to coordinate with her wintery pom pom theme and made glittery garland strands of balls.

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My daughter was born in the wintery months and I felt like I had completely missed winter that year.  When I was finally recovered, I went outside with my daughter and realized it was Spring...haha  So I knew for her very first birthday I wanted it to be a Winter Wonderland of Colourful Fun!  I added the Pom Poms to the theme as she was CRAZY for pom poms at that time and of course I needed a sweet little character non other than a penguin =)

All the decorations were handmade or already in my bin of Christmas goodness. 

POM POMS - We made large, medium and small pom poms in a variety of colours and mini white ones hung by fishing wire from the entrance of our home all the way down our hallway as snowing pom poms.  I decorated Christmas that year to go with her theme and made glittered garland strands of pom pom balls and hung them in all our windows and even decorated our tree with them.  I also filled clear ornaments with sweet mini pom poms to hang on the tree.

PRINTABLES - I designed all of the printables; it was my very first take at using Illustrator and immediately fell in love!  Of course a winter wonderland of fun had to go along with the "Winter Wonderland" song, so I knew I wanted stations around the house to coordinate with the quotes from the cheerful song. 

YARN - Staying within the Pom Pom theme, we covered a piece of cardboard with kraft paper. Pushed in thumbtacks to spell out ONE and wrapped some yarn around the tacks....fineeto!  A sign that was made with what was laying around the house =)

I made the Cupcakes and Peppermint Bark because 1. Cupcakes are my weakness and 2.  Peppermint Bark is requested annually by my hubba bubba!  My mom made the cookies by creating and molding her own cookie cutter to match my penguin design.  I wanted the cake to look like a hill of snow with sprinkles of glittery my amazing momma whipped up a cake, slopped on some white icing and topped it off with candies...YES!!

Of course this has to be themed!  Melted Snowman Water by using a black hat, coal & carrot, Comforting Coffee, Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Brrr Marshmallows and Blue Glacier Koolaid Juice.  I tell you....I had to refill that Peppermint Hot Chocolate & Blue Koolaid about 5 times...the kiddies went nutso over it!

More coordinating themed homemade munchies.  "Plow in Cheese" dip, "Muddy Snowballs," "Snow Capped Asparagus Trees," "Chourice by the Fire," Arctic Tuna," "Turkey Brrrd," "Avalance Ham," and Butternut Squash Soup Shots.  Message me if you want any recipes...I'm telling you, every time I make these delectables...they are DEVOURED!

I bought little jars from the dollar store and filled them with a cup of hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows so guests could get cozy with a cup of warm goodness =)

Guests were still lingering late into the evening that we ended up hosting an unexpected sit down these days with great company!

Decor & Printables - Wakawoo Events
Cake & Cookies - My talented momma!
Sweets, Drinks &  Food - Moi
Fun - All our guests!!

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