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Purple and Black Bachelorette Party (22 photos)


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Bachelorette Party at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!  The bride wanted purple and black rather than the traditional pink, so that's what we went with!

I made "Bachelorette Survival Kits" for each of the attendees.  The kit included bikinis, lip gloss, wipes, nail kits, hair ties, ring pops, band-aids, vitamin water, condoms, balance bars, sleep masks, flowers clips to wear to the pool, mini bottle of vodka, and of course advil!

Some of the pictures above are examples of things I printed.  I put door hangers on each of the doors and the survival kit list which was attached to each gift bag.

We played the lingere game where each person brought the bride lingerie and she had to guess who brought what.  When the bride would get it right we had to take a drink.  When she got it wrong she had to take a drink, it was alot of fun!

I asked the girls for their top and bottom sizes a few months before the party.  Each of them got a black bikini to wear at the pool.  The bride wore a white one of course!  I got the bikinis at F21 for $10 each.  So affordable! 


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