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Backyard Barbeque Baby Shower (25 photos)


We got a chipwood precut welcome sign from the craft store and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. Then used chalk to add fun embellishment. We then added some twin to hang it from the wreath hanger.

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Our wonderful family and friends threw us this fabulous shower! My parent’s hosted the shower at their house. It was suppose to rain through the whole shower so we moved all the decorations inside (didn’t rain at all during the shower, but the tables probably would have sunk into the ground had we put it outside as it rained the day before).

Here are some description of the details we included...

Wish Mobile- This was such a fun last minute idea that my Mom and I came up with. Originally we were going to have people make things to put on the mobile but since we used so many different kinds of ribbon it was going to clash. So we decided to use her cricut paper cutter and cut out flowers for people to write sweet messages to our daughter. It also took place of a sign in book. We used embroidery hoops for the different levels and coordinating ribbons. We got a lot of fun sweet notes that we will cherish forever!

Centerpieces- Our daughter’s name is going to be Libby and as soon as my Mom found out she started singing an old jingle from the vegetable company. “If you like Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on the label, label, label you will, like it, like it, like it on the table, table table.” So with it being a barbeque co-ed baby shower we thought it would be fun to print out vintage Libby’s labels and put them on cans with plants. Which we used real plants so we could transplant them into our garden (my husband has a green thumb!). Bella helped me transplant them into two large pots and is watering them with Daniel every day.

Dessert table backdrop- This wall was one of my favorite details of our shower! My friend Jen (we have known each other for years, she was my maid of honor in our wedding, our daughters birthdays are less than a week apart, so pretty GREAT friend!) and sister in law Heather made the tissue paper poofs and fans for it. They did such a GREAT job! We were originally going to hang them with string onto a shower curtain rod but decided to just use push pins and hang them on a wall in the house (a LOT faster than hanging!). The cool part is that we transported them to our house and now my other daughter Bella has this on her wall behind her bed. When she saw it she walked to me with her arms open for a big hug and said “You are awesome!” SOOOO worth transporting to the house and hanging it up (while pregnant)!

Cake and cookies- My Mom owns a company Fine Arts Bakery which they make a lot of really cool cookies and cakes. If you need something for your shower or even wedding PLEASE check her out! She does a lot of hand painted cookies too that are amazing! But because of time constraints of getting all of this done she did something a little more simple but SUPER cute! I LOOOOVED the cake! It was ADORABLE and gluten free (for me!). I drew three little wooden dolls to look like me, my husband and daughter Bella to go on top then made a “welcome Libby” sign that she hung as a banner. She also added super cute bunting around the cake.

Mason jar drink labels- We used mason jars for the the non-alcholic drinks and put out markers for people to write their names on the labels to keep from someone putting down their drink and loosing it and then having to wash a million mason jars all day. Which turned out to be awesome with my pregnant brain I lost my drink a couple of times! We made them by cutting strips of scrapbook paper, created a "label" on the computer printed and cut them out and glued to the strips of scrapbook paper. Then we wrapped it around the jar and secured with a piece of tape on the back. We then used the leftover coordinating ribbon to tie around the mouth of the jar since they had super cute paper straws to drink from to add another touch of cuteness.  

Drinks- My Mom made the lemonade, cherry limeade then my Mother in law made the sweet tea. Since it was a BBQ shower and a co-ed shower at that we asked my Dad to make some of his homebrew beer.  My Dad’s name is David Wright so my Dad and brother thought it would be funny to name the beer “Dam Wright Brew”.

Food- We had pulled pork sliders which we used my homemade BBQ sauce, they were delish! We had veggie cups made up with ranch prepoured into the bottom. It was perfect for the kiddos to walk around with and not get all over the place. We also had these yummy fruit sugar ice cream cones. They were perfect personal servings for the kiddos so they wouldn’t load up on all the candy. 

Photobooth props- We had these super cute photobooth props made up but because of the weather we scratched the photobooth and just went around and took a couple of photos with people “wearing” the baby photobooth props.

Wooden dolls- We got a bunch of little wooden dolls for people to decorate and were going to set out paint but decided that it would be a little messy especially with 15 kids. So we put out sharpies instead. These were several of the dolls that the kids made for Libby, so precious! And Bella LOOOOOVED making more even after the party was over.

Bunting- We had a pregnancy photoshoot the week before done by my good photographer friend Liz. We had some printed and put them on the bunting that was all around the house. The bunting was made with string from the dollar store, scrapbook paper, binder clips in different colors from Target. 

Barbeque Sauce- So I was a little insane but I made the Barbeque sauce that we used for lunch that day and bottled some for people to take home as a “thanks for coming”. It is gluten free “but still yummy” I created the labels as well. I came up with this recipe based on my father in law’s barbeque sauce recipe and he was ok with me sharing it (just not the recipe, of course!) 





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