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Kid's Halloween Costume Party (20 photos)


Halloween Ribbon Wreath

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I really enjoyed creating this party for my little girl Emma and all of her friends.  I was hoping to have the party outside, but due to the cold/wet weather we had to be inside for most of the party.  So I had to be creative at the last minute.  I used my cricut to create the banner and I purchased the Halloween graphics from Amanda's Parties to go which fit my theme perfectly.  I loved the look of all of the colors together and all of the different characters.  I enjoyed making the mummy OREO's and chocolate covered pretzel rods.  I even went to a local bakery and requested a special mix of jimmies to match my color theme that I incorporated into the pretzel rods and cupcakes.  It was so much fun for me to create the tablescape for the party I feel like it is the main focal point of any party so I put the most time and effort into that.  

I love planning these parties for my daughter and all her friends.  To see the happiness on my little girl's face while she is enjoying the party is the biggest reason I do it.  One mom told me her little girl couldn't sleep the night before the party because she was so excited for it.  That is the other reason I do it, to bring joy to all of the other children.   


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