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Ella's Wonderland Birthday (26 photos)


Ella in her adorable Alice outfit made by Grandma!

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I was asked to style this "Onederland" party for my dear friends daughter, Ella. After meeting with the mom, we set our sites on an Alice in Wonderland party that kept with the Disney style and movie details. Our goal was to make the guests feel as if they fell down the rabbit hole and into Alice's world. As they walked in, they were able to meander through the many different parts of Wonderland just as Alice did. 

They were first greeted by the doorknob and Cheshire cat with "This Way and That Way" signs. As they followed the white rabbit through the balloon towers they were in the Queen's court where kids could play crouquet with flamingos, hedgehogs, and card tunnels among red and white painted rose topiaries. There was also a game of toss the hedgehog with two regal card soldiers standing guard. Next they walked through Tulgey Woods where they sat underneath the signature pom trees and made a Mome Rath craft.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party was in the center of the party where a long table filled with Tea Cup sippie favors, topsy turvey stacked cups and plates, and many teapots. All the tableware was hand painted to match the movie details. The stacked cups and plates held treats like "Eat Me" cookies, candy coated meringues, chocolate keys, and crazy cupcakes. Next to the table stood the Mad Hatter himself leading the guests to a purple chase lounge with a balloon artist making crazy balloon hats for the tea guests.

The dessert table represented many of the movies wonderful details like "Eat Me" cookies in a golden box, Dinah's Daises (chocolate daisy pops), Cheshire Tails (striped chocolate marshmallow sticks), Oysters (frosted Madelines), and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Dum's (Dum Dum pops). Of course, the dessert table wouldn't be complete without an Unbirthday Cake! The table was place among large handmade paper flowers.

It was so fun to help bring this party to life! Many friends and family members pitched in to make this special day a reality for little Ella. Everyone had a great time and I was blessed to be a part of it!!


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