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Halloween Candyland (35 photos)


Halloween Candyland by Squared Party Printables

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I was inspired by all the candy shop / Candyland themes and thought, why not a Halloween theme based on candy; turn all of the usual treats such as gingerbread men into Halloween treats. So I designed a set of printables to go with my Halloween Candyland theme.

I first turned to Brittany from Edible Details and told her what I had in mind. She did amazing work with the "gingerdead" men, the lollipops and the bon bons; all made to match the printables. I used one of the signs from the printable set and made it into a billboard cake topper and added some extra candy to finish it off.

I had seen a voodoo doll cookie cutter from Fred (that has not yet been made available) and that was the inspiration for the voodoo doll sugar cookies from Casey's Confections. She did a great job of capturing the perfect look to go with the theme.

Other sweets on the table included chocolate cupcakes with candy corn colored buttercream icing, a mini tower of chocolate bon bons from Godiva and Lindt, petit fours topped with gummy candy corn, cotton candy "spiderwebs", giant lollipops, caramel toffee apples and a gumdrop tree (made with a black jewelry tree). Believe it or not, most of it from the local grocery store.

For the decor, I simply layered black and purple tablecloths, and hung Halloween tissue garland from The Flair Exchange on the wall. The colors perfectly matched what I had designed and I just had to have it. I used some of the printables and colored paper plates to create the wrapped "candy" decorating the ends of the garland.

Each little one got to take home bucket filled with candy and other treats and trinkets from the dollar section at Target.

Vendor Credits:
Printables & Styling - Squared Party Printables -
Cookies - Casey's Confections -
Fondant cake decor - Edible Details -
Tissue garland - The Flair Exchange -

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