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Lego Ninjago Party (24 photos)


Just for fun! A picture with the birthday boy and his friends as a Ninjago.

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Lego Ninjago Party

My son is crazy about Ninjago so we went with a Lego Ninjago theme for his 8th birthday. To stay on a budget we made pretty much all of the decorations ourselves.

Decorations: The color scheme stuck with the Ninjago character colors: Red, Black, White and Blue. I went for a Japanese/Lego/Ninja theme. There were Ninjago eyes everywhere! I just printed out several copies of various sizes of eyes and used them to make the whole house look like it was full of Ninjago warriors. The presents, balloons, cups and waterbottles were all color coordinated with Ninjago eyes on them. The house was also decorated with ninja faces, japanese fans, chinese lanterns, paper origami dragons, jars of color coordinating legos, my sons name built out of duplos, streamers, balloons, and a giant Ninjago lego man as a centerpiece on the dessert table.

Activities: They made their own ninja headbands with puffy paint, did a lego relay race, threw ninja stars at ninjago pin towers to knock them over (another team race), kept their balloons off the floor with their ninja swords, ate nutella "sushi roll" sandwiches, sweet and salty kebabs, lego juice boxes and other snacks, had a karate lesson, a ceremony to earn a black belt for learning their karate moves, and broke the Ninjago pinata! When they were done it was time for cake and presents.

Favors: They got to take home their ninja headband, black belt, a ninja star and sword, a ninjago pin, a chinese lantern and to fill their handmade color coordinating take out box (with ninjago eyes on it) with treats.

It was a ton of fun! The kids are still asking for more karate lessons and wearing their headbands around!


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