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Alice in Wonderland Adventure Party (23 photos)


Entrance way to Wonderland. The kids had to climb through the rabbit hole

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For my daughter's 6th birthday I threw her an Alice in Wonderland party. The party took her and the guests through each scene in the classic Disney movie to help Alice find her way back out of Wonderland and home to eat her cake! As always with my parties I am on a budget and make everything myself.

My daughter was Alice. My son dressed up as a playing card, my youngest daughter as the Queen of hearts, my husband as the Mad hatter, my mother as the cheshire cat, my two friends who helped with the party as Tweedle dum and Tweedle Dee and myself as the White rabbit. When they arrived they had to crawl through a giant "rabbit hole" to enter our house (we drew a giant tree and hung it from our front door with a small "rabbit's hole" to the side for them to crawl through). There was a giant White rabbit to the side of the tree with a huge pocket watch. When they crawled through they came into our entryway where tables were set up to make their own Mad hatter hat (there were bunny ears, mouse ears, string, stickers, paint and colors to decorate them with). When they were done with their hats we went back outside and took a group picture with everyone's hat on.

Then they came back in and the adventure began! On a little table in the entrance way they found an eat me cookie and a drink me bottle to drink. They ate and drank to get to the right size and then they crawled through a miniature door we had drawn and hung on some curtains in our entrance way. Then they went into the first room where they recieved a goodie bag with a tea pot on it to collect their favors along the way and then there was a caucas race (musical chair type game but with Alice characters taped to the ground). Then they moved to the next room where Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee told them the story of Alice. Then we went to the flower garden (there were giant paper flowers in real pots all over the room) where they made their own flower pots with a flower in it with a picture of themselves glued to the flower. Then we visited the Cheshire cat and played pin the grin on the cheshire cat. Then they went to the Mad Hatter's tea party and had dinner. The food and drinks were all served in tea cups and pots. I made little Mad Hatter hats for place cards with their names on them. There were heart shaped pizzas, card sandwiches, pocket watch crackers with cheese and other snacks. They drank tea in real tea cups and poured it themselves. After that we divided the girls up and one group went to play flamingo croquet with the Queen and the other played Don't be caught with the roses (fake white roses dipped in red paint and played like hot potato). There were giant inflatable flamingos for the kids and little hedgehog balls and they shot them through giant playing cards I had made from poster board. The groups switched and then we officially made it out of Wonderland, away from the Queen of Hearts and had cake- a Topsy Turvy cake- and presents.

For favors the kids brought home their flower pot which we filled with candy once they had dried, and a goodie bag with a flower ring, a pack of hearts cards with a white rabbit on the front, a shell from the caucas race and their mad hatter place card.

It was a great adventure and the kids had a lot of fun!


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