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PLAY DOH (39 photos)


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My favorite childhood pastime was when I would go to my grandma’s house and she would have just whipped up a new batch of homemade play dough. She had everything from cookie cutters, farm animals, and tons of cool gadgets to shape and play and make new creations! It was no surprise that when I was sorting through some childhood toys (Just over a year ago) I came across some of these items that my grandma had saved for me, naturally I decided that in one year I would have a play dough party for my 3 year old son Riley!

Décor: The backdrop and printables and concept were all bright fun colors, customized with my son’s name! I had colored balloons, a fun orange backdrop behind his cool custom poster! We had an art easel, and cool party hats! I made 10 pounds of different colored play dough for the event as well (With a secret recipe for everyone to take home). Traditional rolling pins were given as party favors!

Food: The giant cake in the middle of the table (Yes that is a cake!) was designed by my all-time favorite cake artists “Sweet Spot Cupcakes”! This was really the centerpiece that made the party! We had some cutesy finger foods, sprinkled doughnuts and cookies, as well as 6 different colored Jello push up pops! I also put out adorable little gum ball machines filled with multi colored skittles (A little taste of the rainbow)!

My son was really blessed to have his loved ones with him to celebrate his third birthday! He had such an amazing day, with tons of new (Play dough) themed toys to keep him occupied for the next year, I am loving the fact that amongst all the chaos of the day, I was able to relax and actually spend time with my little boy, and play in the dough.

Event Styling, Printable Designs, Concept, and Photography: Events by Kate

Cake: Sweet Spot Cupcakes

Gumball Machines: Whimsically Detailed

Kamloops, AK
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