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Arjun's Secret Garden 1st Birthday (50 photos)


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Deepa, Arjun's mother, contacted me about a year and a half ago to help her with her son's 1st birthday party. Deepa herself had a complicated pregnancy, resulting in her not being able to have a baby shower, so once Arjun was healthy enough she wanted to get everyone together to celebrate this amazing time in both of their lives. In our first meeting I inquired about her inspiration for the event, and she asked me if I had ever been to the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Immediately I started jumping up and down because I knew she was probably referring to the gardens in the casino with the giant floral pomanders hanging from trees. So, we set out to duplicate a similar effect (but on a much smaller budget).

A few of the details:
- serpentine guest tables were joined together in a circular shape, and then we formed branches and leaves together to replicate the look of trees coming through the middle of the tables, hanging pomanders from the trees a la the wynn hotel.
- kids walked through a gate, leading them into their own secret garden. we surrounded the table with handcarved toadstool seats, as well as placemats made from moss and fabric, and toadstool centerpieces with frogs and bees. :)
- keeping with the bee and toadstool theme, we handstamped napkins with bees, designed the print material to have bees, and carried the toadstools over into the lemon meringue desserts and cookies.
- the dessert table had a floral curtain backdrop made of real flowers. all the desserts were created to be cohesive with the theme (each cake pop was replicated to look like the pomanders hanging from trees, etc.).
- a facepainter and balloon artist were hired to make bees and butterflies for the kids.

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