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Carnival Chic Baby Shower (45 photos)


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I had the opportunity to host a baby shower for a dear friend this November 17, 2012 in Belding, Michigan at the soon to be Grandma’s house.  My friend has amazing style and taste so I wanted it to be an event to wow her.  She is an amazing person and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a friend.  I wanted to throw her a shower that she deserved since she is always doing things for others.  My shower theme was carnival chic.  I wanted a baby shower but without all the diapers, bottles, etc. that you tend to see at EVERY shower.  I hate cookie cutter events and I love thinking outside the box.  I wanted something that had style like the mother to be and I knew that some standard traditional baby shower wasn't it.  So that is I decided on the theme, something fun and fabulous that had lots of options for decor.  Everything for the most part was 100% DIY by me.  Nothing is more fabulous than a super cute shower that you did yourself.  I had so much fun decorating for this event I hope you enjoy the pictures.

DIY Elements:  Pinwheels, Flat fan pinwheels, food labels, advice onsies, cupcake stands, silverware holders, French fry holders, beverage glasses

Décor was designed and implemented by Megan Papoi of A Perfect Plan by Megan LLC, or Facebook fan page at,

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Westphalia, Michigan
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