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Fall Fairy Girls Birthday Party (17 photos)


Fairies Making Fairy Gardens

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I am on a low budget (like really low), have a very tiny house, and also don't have any spare time. However, I love to throw parties, and especially special birthday parties for my kids. We played to our strong points: creativity, craftiness, a big yard, and a mild climate.

My daughter wanted a fairy party, but I didn't want to ignore that her birthday was taking place in the fall. So we compromised on an all-girl, fall fairy party, which would feature (what most 8-year-old girls love) craft-making. The colors were fuschia (and other shades of pink), orange, plum, and a little brown. I wanted to emphasize the nature aspect of fairies, so decorations and food centered on nature.


Invitations were just the party deets in a curly font printed out on color coordinated paper (including a directive to wear their fairy best) and glued to pretty, patterned, coordinated paper. Straightforward.


-"Fairy Hollow" signs on the mailbox, made to look like pink paint on wood.

-A curly branch hung with paper leaves, flowers, and butterflies on a sheet of moss, for the food table centerpiece. Little pink tags with the cutesy food names on each.

-Banners everywhere: paper banners with paper leaves, flowers, and butterflies on fuschia, wide ribbon; cloth banners with color coordinated pennants; a garland made of dried, flattened, and sealed leaves.

-A "fairy flag" stuck in our flag pole slot: a crooked stick hung with paper leaves and flowers and butterflies on thread.

-Fuschia crepe paper all around and hanging free from our favorite Japanese Maple, plus paper leaves, flowers, and butterflies.

-I already had a grapevine wreath, so I adorned it with tiny paper cutouts of butterflies, flowers and leaves, and also little swags of pearls I stole from the fairy garden supplies.


Of course, all the little girls came in fairy costumes of sorts, including my eight-year-old, who went with a “rock star fairy” theme. I had wings, a wand, and a tee shirt which read “fairy godmother.”


-Fairy punch. (Basically shirley temple with watermelon juice and floated with frozen raspberries).

-Cream cheese and berry all fruit tea sandwiches.

-Peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel acorns. (Basically a buckeye, but see Martha Stewart for a great recipe.)

-Tomato and egg taodstools. (Recipes all over the internet.)

-Edible necklaces. (A bowl of colorful cereal with holes in the middle (we use all-natural), natural pink/purle yarn cut into proper lenghts, and non-sharp needles. Make your own.)

-Fruit wands. (Seasonal fruit threaded on to skewers. I served it with a honey yogurt dip, but tge girls didn't even try it.)

Everything was served on pink paper products I got from the dollar store.


I served a homemade citrus genoise with a whipped buttercream, but if I could do it again I would go with a lighter cake (like angel food) and a stabilized whipped cream. The many layers inside the cake were dyed to look like a rainbow when cut open. (No pics, sorry.) The pink pearls and edible glitter was chosen by my daughter. Simple.

My daughter insisted on a most un-fall ice cream, which would be strawberry. It was nice and chunky and very pretty in pink. Cinnamon would have been my choice.


All the faries searched high and low through the back yard for glittery treasure (which all faries like, and was really just shapes cut from glitter foam). The winner received a fairy paper doll book wrapped by my daughter.


-The center of the party was a making of the fairy gardens. We took pie tins from the dollar store with straight sides, glued on wide ribbon and lines with floral foam. The girls had a wide selection of moss to top, and then all sorts of little things we collected from craft stores and the outdoors.

-We also made pixie dust neclaces. I bought a bunch of hollow vial necklaces from the craft supply and the girls chose a length of ribbon in the color of their choice and then filled their vial with a little funnel and a variety of glitter.


As they were leaving, each girl was offered a paper flower and a few pixie sticks from the vases by the front door. We made the paper flowers with pretty cardstock (double-sided) attatched to a chopstick with camoflage duct tape, which we wrapped all the way down. My daughter also glued a puff ball into each flower's center.

Durham, North Carolina
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