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Elf Laundry Kid's Christmas party (9 photos)


Kid's Christmas Party

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The theme:

Even the elves have laundry!

The food:

Frosted sugar cookies, of course!  We also served elf cake pops and Oreo cookie pops covered with white chocolate and decorated in red and green.  Milk was served in mini bottles and labeled with each little guest's name.  Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes and darling cones filled with cotton candy rounded out the dessert table.

The decor:

Tradtional reds and greens in whimsical polka dots and plaids filled the party space.  The treats were dressed to the nines in the Elf Laundry line by Confetti Couture.  Giant gumball machines were decked out with coordinating wrapping paper and brought great height and color to the table. 

The activities:

Eating sweet treats was high on the list, but we also made pom-poms from festive yarn and played elfish games.


The favors:

Each guest took home some glittery "snow dough" and a Christmas shaped cookie cutter, sweetly displayed in cello bags tucked into coordinating cupcake wrappers.



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