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Elf on the Shelf North Pole Breakfast (16 photos)


Countdown to Christmas

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    I was wondering what you used as the snowballs.

    • November 6, 2013 at 8:25PM
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Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? We have two now...Icicle who watches over Glenn and Snowy who keeps an eye on Megan. This year we hosted a North Pole Breakfast the day after Thanksgiving to kick this Christmas season off right!

Our elves came with lots of fun stuff this year...their own North Pole, gingerbread houses (which I am sure they will hide in eventually), goodies, wish lists, Emergency Elf Dust, candy cane placecard holders, books, countdown to Christmas...boy, those elves were sure busy. Did I ever mention I'm actually a vampire and never sleep?!

I found mini lunch boxes at Dollar Tree and filled them with special elf food to share: Elf Pillows, Snowballs, and Reindeer Poop. Each packet has an original poem (won't find them anywhere else!) on the back of the candy topper.

I anticipate a little elf handling with my 19 month old so I came up with the perfect magical solution...Emergency Elf Dust! This is another original poem you won't find anywhere else. The tiny little vials actually held saffron. I knew I kept those cute little things for a reason!

The little North Pole in the background was made out of a solar light, styrofoam circle, & "snow" blanket from the Dollar Tree. I glued gold spray painted flat dowels to the pole and attached the sign with gold ribbon. I saw this on Apartment Therapy and knew I had to do one myself.

I also bought a bunch of Santa hats last month at the Dollar Tree...super inexpensive and easy window valance!

I attempted cookie cutter pancakes but need a little more practice. Oh well, at least they tasted good!

Elf on the Shelf printables will be available in my store ( next week. Please feel free to email me with questions:


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