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Twas the Night Before Christmas Shoot for Birds Magazine (50 photos)


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Dina Hafez-Suggs
Deliciously Darling Events

"Twas the Night Before Christmas" Brunch

As a child I remember my parents reading "Twas the Night Before
Christmas" to me and as a parent, I find myself reading the same story
to my children. It's a Christmas classic and has to be read the night
before Christmas in our house. Holiday Brunch is also a tradition in
our house. What better way to combine traditions then a "Twas the
Night Before Christmas" Brunch.  This party was inspired by the
Mountain Lodge fireplace with a Vintage "Classic" Christmas look.

The Food
During the winter, the fireplace is a must. A place to hang our
stockings, decorate with odds and ends and in this case - to serve
brunch! Cake plates filled with muffins, cinnamon rolls, breakfast
bunt cakes, and donuts decorated the mantle. Of course, dessert had to
be included! Beautiful handcrafted little chocolate covered oreos by
Love & Sugar Kisses displayed on individual little cupcake stands by
Waiting on Martha. I just love how interact and beautiful these little
house chocolate covered oreos are and those little cupcake stands are
simply adorable. A party isn't a full party without a little cupcake
action. Love & Sugar Kisses created the most amazing fondant cupcake
toppers. "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"... can you
believe how cute that sleeping mouse is? So adorable and perfectly
detailed. The cookies by Yummy Delicious Cookies were amazing. Each
one so perfect - they matched the printables so well and were beyond
delicious. Little bites of art. Finally, I had to make a little
something for this brunch as well. I love to bake and French Macarons
are my current obsession. These green and red French Macarons are
filled with salted caramel butter cream and are seriously addictive.
Of course, let's not forget the candy. Holiday M&M's, sixlets and
Hammond's peppermint lollipops just had to be included.

Fireplace Decor
The feel of this party was inspired not only by the words in the
classic story but by the Mountain Lodge fireplace and the beautiful
vintage appeal of the little round striped decorative ornaments. I
wanted the party to have a vintage & kraft paper feel. Natural
elements like red burlap, velvet & canvas ribbon were used. Craft
staples like red & green baker's twine and washi tape were used to add
little decorative elements. From Washi tape around the cake plates to
washi tape around milk bottles & spoons. I'm addicted to paper tape.
It is one of the most versatile craft items and Waiting on Martha so
many colors & designs to choose from. The old stone fireplace was
decorated with the most adorable felt mitten advent calendar from
Waiting on Martha. Little treats can be put inside and allow little
ones to count down to Christmas day. I just love how amazing it looks
across the mantle with our ivory velvet stockings. Two little
Christmas trees with wooden button garlands, red and green jingle
bells and adorable printable ornaments accented the brunch items
Red & Green favor bags were displayed in chicken-wire baskets with
kraft crinkle paper and a decorative little ornament ball. A Christmas
tree can be decorated so simply and beautifully with white lights,
printable paper ornaments, wooden garlands, red ribbon and jingle

Hot Coco Station:
Since this is a book based party, the perfect serving station was a
old leather chair. Gingerbread marshmallows and holiday chocolate
chips in little mason jars with "Merry Christmas" wooden spoons. Hot
coco mugs with Hammond peppermint candy canes and snowflake cookies on
the mugs. Pop-bar hot coco on a stick is such a perfect way to have
little ones make their own hot coco. The children had a blast stirring
these cute little hot coco sticks into hot milk and watching the hot
coco form before their eyes.


Children's Table Decor:
I always look around my home when I'm putting together a kids table.
What pieces can I pull to put together a pretty kids table. The kids
table is two white Ikea side tables pulled together with a red natural
fabric runner. A little Christmas tree with favor ornaments made a
wonderful centerpiece. Vending machine capsules were filled with candy
and tied with bakers twine make the most adorable favor ornaments. A
fun little take home treat for the kiddos and an easy craft for the
hostess. Simply punch through the top of the lid and pull the bakers
twine through to create a loop. Fill with candy and finish with a
bakers twine bow for a quick and easy favor ornaments. Wooden cutlery
decorated with "Merry Christmas" washi tape, nestled in mini chevron
favor bags were at each place setting. Little holiday cheer cupcake
stands holding adorable chocolate covered oreos decorated by Love &
Sugar Kisses were at each place setting. I just love how the
beautifully crafted little fondant house looks with the light of the
Christmas tree behind it. So pretty and festive.

Children's Craft:
I wanted to have a budget friendly craft for the little ones. Craft
time, is a must and in this case, the kiddos were decorating printable
paper Christmas trees. Little ornaments, a sleeping mouse with
presents, stockings - so many little printables that are just adorable
- printed and cute out and ready for little hands. Add glue sticks,
crayons and glitter and you have a fun little "Decorate your Christmas
Tree' craft.


Vendor Credits:
Event design & Styling: Dina Hafez-Suggs Deliciously Darling Events
Printables: Bir'ds Party (
Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios (
Fondant design & Chocolate Covered oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses
Sugar Cookies: Yummy Delicious Cookies by Whimsical Originals
Popbar, Hot Chocolate Sticks: Popbar (
Mitten Advent Calendar, Rosanna cake stands, Mini Red & Green Cupcake
Stands, Paper Straws, Merry Christmas Washi tape, Mini Chevron bags,
Striped Treat bags, Decorative Ornament Balls: Waiting on Martha
Lollipops and Large Peppermint Candy Canes: Hammonds Candies
Large Vending machine capsules, red & green bakers twine & wooden
spoons: Shop Sweet Lulu's (
Mini Vending machine capsules: Hey Yo Yo (
Santa Beard Lollipops: Cracker Barrel


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