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Wizard of Oz - Halloween/ Adult Birthday (29 photos)


Cute lil munchkins

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My sister and her husband were born two days apart - in the same hospital. They are Halloween babies. So, in order to celebrate their birthdays and at the same time enjoy the fun of dressing up for Halloween, we began to host a costume adult/ kid party. This year my sister nabbed a couple Wizard of Oz costumes at a garage sale, so we ran with it. 

Because it was an adult party and on Halloween, I wanted a more sophisiticated color palatte. I went with the black and white stripes of the witch legs and of course the ruby red of her glittered shoes. With the help of Pinterest I incorporated several DIY projects like Barbie witch legs (my inner six-year-old cried). I scored a couple cheap finds on Ebay - McDonald toy collection and a vintage copy of the book. 

Guests dressed as characters from the movie and competed in a scarecrow making contest and a trivia game. My family and close friends tend to be very competitive. 


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