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Mommy & Me Tea Party (41 photos)


  • Sweetsby:Ej:

    So pretty

    • December 14, 2012 at 9:31AM
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  • image description


    Hi I was wondering what you used for the drinks with the pink striped straws in it? Also did you buy your daughter's dress or was it specially made? My daughter is in love with this party and you did an absolute beautiful job!

    • December 28, 2012 at 11:03PM
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    • Hi @forhisglory14 thank you! I used empty bottles of Martinelli apple juice and I made her dress! You can check out more details on this tea party on my blog:

      • January 7, 2013 at 3:43PM
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Since my little one just turned 2, I thought it would be a great opportunity to set up a tea table and other sweet stations under the trees while enjoying some quality mommy and me time over a nice cup of tea.

I used a variety of cake stands, teacups, teapots, dessert plates, milk glass vases and compotes, from my Minted and Vintage collection of rentals to display the yummy desserts. The desserts were provided by a great group of talented ladies all based in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Everything was kept child sized to make it easy for my 2 year old to enjoy. From the child sized teacups and white chiavari chairs, to the mini cakes and cupcakes, and cake pops she had a blast having everything at her reach and just her size.

We served pink tea with colored sugar hearts and old-fashioned rock candy sticks. The tea table, vintage tea cart, and wooden dollhouse, displayed a variety of buttercream iced mini cakes, individual rose cakes, mini pink cheesecakes and cupcakes topped with raspberries, coconut and chocolate brigadeiros, cake pops, chocolate dipped french macarons, heart shaped petit fours, meringues, and marshmallows.

For the heart shaped petit fours (bottom tier) I used a pound cake bites recipe, from Amy Atlas’ Sweet Designs book, but instead of doing them cube shaped I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter, and decorated with sugar pearls and hearts, I just loved how they came out and they were super simple to make!

This mommy and me tea party under the trees was such a sweet memory! I think it’s a great alternative for subsequent birthdays after having a big 1st birthday celebration as it allowed me to spend quality time with my girl (and her favorite dolls) and give her all of my undivided attention.

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