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"Sunshine & Bubbles" (40 photos)


Event Styling by IDEA! event + style

Sunshine Collection available at

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For my daughter Naomi's 1st birthday party, I knew I wanted something DIFFERENT and no PINK :)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as girly and pink as the girl next door! But I also have a feeling that as Naomi gets older, she will want her share of the pink princess and fairy tea parties! So I decided to go with the currently trendy color scheme of YELLOW + GRAY, with accents of BRIGHT AQUA to make it fun! AQUA is my favorite accent color - it goes so beautifully with so many colors - pink + aqua, orange + aqua, even just white + aqua...”

With YELLOW + GRAY + AQUA on my mind, the theme developed into ‘SUNSHINE & BUBBLES’ - YELLOW representing SUNSHINE and AQUA representing the BUBBLES! The entire collection is now available in my Etsy store at

“Gray and yellow with aqua ribbon, to set the tone for the party. I added a lace doily overlay for a pretty and delicate look. And rhinestones around the sun for some chic glamour!”

We covered an existing piece of art with yellow & white chevron fabric and attached the ‘NAOMI’ letter frame over it. The letter frame I had made last year to hang over the crib in her nursery, and it was the perfect addition as a backdrop. We added some fun elements such as labeling the beverage dispenser with ‘Liquid Sunshine’ aka Lemonade, and the water bottles with ‘Hey Sunshine!’ wrappers!

We planned a simple, chic photo booth with a pretty white chandelier, hand-made signs and some funny yellow sunglasses that guests could use to pose and ‘send messages’ to Naomi through their pictures. Kind of like a visual guest-book! It turned into a super-fun and hilarious activity and we got some great pictures out of it! I’m very happy with how it turned out and Naomi has some amazing moments recorded for her by family and friends when she’s older.

“A simple setup with a focus on the theme colors and symmetry. I wanted to keep it light and fresh feeling, with just enough desserts for everyone to get a taste of, rather than an overdose of sugar. We served Lemon Bars, Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows and Vanilla Pudding in mini martini glasses. The vanilla pudding was a big hit with the kids AND adults! We also had cupcakes, powdered sugar donuts, vanilla meringue cookies, sugar cookies and the FABULOUS cake of course, by Euro Style Cakes. It was vanilla with layers of European-style frosting, not too sweet and delicately perfect!”

Since the favors looked so pretty with the bright aqua paper and custom tags, I decided to make a whole display out of it! The custom art-piece that we created was hung over the fireplace and we displayed the favors under it - The whole setup became a great focal point for that area! The kids had a blast outside with the entertainer and the bubble machine - we had to have tons of BUBBLES of course! We also had matching aqua bubble wands for each child to blow bubbles from

Event Styling: IDEA! event + style
Photography: Sophia Barrett Studios
Cake & Monogram Cookies: Euro Style Cake


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