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"Lego Mania" (26 photos)


Event Styling & Photography by IDEA! event + style

Building blocks-inspired collection available at

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Sure, it’s fun to plan girls’ parties. Ruffles, lace, pink, girly, tea parties… what’s not to like? But I love a good challenge when it comes to styling an event. And it’s always challenging to take a classic theme and give it a colorful, creative, modern twist. This is exactly what I set out to do with my son’s LEGO Mania 6th birthday party this year! I wanted it to be as creative and fun as a princess party could be.

Let’s start with the invitations. I wanted them to have a 3-dimensional feel, just like a LEGO block. The paper invite was packaged in a clear container. The idea behind this was to introduce a ‘block’ of some kind right from the start. And then, of course, we had to add 6 LEGO blocks inside since Neil was turning 6! These are available to order in my Etsy shop if you’re looking for some cool LEGO-inspired invitations!

The kids’ party tables were set with a simple, modern vision. Lego storage containers with a colorful bunch of balloons made for the perfect centerpiece. My favorite items were the hand-made LEGO plates that were made to resemble LEGO heads. These are available to purchase in my shop too!

The ‘LEGO Mania’ snack/dessert table included LEGO block-shaped cheese sandwiches (so easy and a big hit!), layered push up pops, LEGO ninjago cookies made by Yummy Delicious Cookies, veggie/ranch cups, rainbow fruit skewers and ‘building fuel’ aka lemonade. And chocolate cake of course, the birthday boy’s favorite!

The fabulous LEGO cake stand came from my 18 month old daughter’s room, a little play table that worked perfectly on the dessert table ;) The modern LEGO candles are available on Amazon… and they come in a 6 pack, can you believe that? The entire printable DIY package for LEGO-Mania is available in my Etsy shop.

Vanilla Push Up Pops
These are all the rage in the party world currently. And rightly so! They are super fun to make and eat! All I did was mix up cake batter, divide into separate bowls with the right food coloring. Bake mini cupcakes, layer each color, use white frosting as glue and assemble in the push up pop container. The kids LOVED these!

For the kids' activities, we hired a local company called Build Fun. These guys come with a truck-ful of building blocks… quite literally! It was great to leave that piece of the party to a specialized vendor. They kept the kids engaged in free building and structured activities. Each child got to build a lego race car which they raced down tracks towards the end… it was the most fun activity! Lego blocks + racing cars = boy heaven!

Vendor Credits:
Event Styling & Photography:IDEA! event + style
Ninjago Cookies: Yummy Delicious Cookies by Whimsical Originals on Etsy
Entertainer: Build Fun


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