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Christmas Sweet Shoppe Holiday Party (19 photos)


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To make it look like a snowy day, I decided to use a light blue with white polkadot fabric as the backdrop. The lollipop cut out graphics on both side really gives the tabletop a sweet shoppe looks.

The santa's hat party cone are embellished with cotton balls, they are so easy to create, just glued them together and you'll have instant santa's hat party cones. I hide some sweets unders the santa's hat party cones and it was a hit!

Cupcake toppers, hershey bars and hershey kiss are the easiest to create. Cut, punch and glued the wrappers for extra festivity. Whenever I could, I'd wrap everything in coordinated design! oh and I used a cupcake shaped cookie cutter for the gingerbread house.

I think that every christmas party might just need a hot cocoa bar and a buffet of hot chocolate are always a party favorite. For this theme I create lots of mini labels for the FUN extra toppings.

If you are interested in this Holiday Party decoration, you can find them in my etsy shop

Party Decoration:
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