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Paper Plane First Birthday (36 photos)


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I have been in love with the recent travel and map theme, so for my little guy's birthday I decided to go with paper airplanes.  I didn't want to do traditional airplanes, so I went the paper route! I had fun planning and pinning lots of ideas for what to do!  I used several ideas for inspiration and came up with a few of my own!

One of my favorite things I found were the old school airplane placemats (Amazon).  They had directions on the back for how to fold it into a fast flying machine! The men at the party had a field day with this! How fun that it served a purpose and was interactive! The whole place setting I loved - the folded napkins, stamped silverware, and placemats!

I made the invitation and other paper products. The invite can be found in my small Etsy shop {Room1117} and the “First Birthday Poster” can also be found in my shop. *By request, I also offer a complete party package of a lot of the paper products used in the party! Lots of other things I used for the party were bought on Etsy. I sure do love that site! :)

Another mega score were the metal airplanes found in the Clearance section at TJMaxx - WAHOO! Those were among the first things I bought for the party!

Etsy purchases by Shop:

Bennett’s Adorable Birthday Crown {The seller was wonderful to create something unique for me!} - MaureenCracknell

Washi Tape (Lots and lots of ideas for this!) I used them for the invites, cupcake flags, cake flags, ice cream sticks, etc.)

Muslin Gift Bags - (Lots of options and colors!) I ironed on the bags with iron-on paper to personalize them.

Table Runners - FantasyVintageBridal (So accomodating on my random sizes!)

Chevron Bags (Lots of options of colors and sizes)

T- Shirt - lisagorno

Paper Airplane Stamp - (I stamped the invite envelopes, back of invite, silverware, and any other random thing I could! It’s so adorable!) - extase


Red suitcases - Amazon

Shoe stands - made from supplies at Hobby Lobby

straws - Amazon

My sweet, sweet cousin was responsible for all of the baked desserts! Don’t worry - it tasted as good as it looked!!! We served other favorites including “Sticky Ham & Cheese Sandwiches”, baked mac and cheese, a yummy crock pot potato goodness something or other, and a yummy fall salad. Bennett’s favorites were the mac and cheese and potatoes!

I enjoyed planning and preparing for this party! What a joy to celebrate my sweet little one year old! He had a blast! :)


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