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Tinsel Ball Drop Ball (8 photos)



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Quick and easy New Year's Eve Tinsel Ball Drop Ball
This tinsel ball, inspired by the famous Ball Drop on Times Square in New York City, is a great addition to any New Year's Eve party. You can use it as a centerpiece, hang it above the dinner table or dessert table, or on the front door to give your guests a sparkly welcome.


- styrofoam ball
- tinsel garlands and pompoms ( i purchased mine at Ikea a few years ago, but they should be available in every other store this time of the year)
- pins
- ribbon
- glue ( optional)

Total time:
ca. 30 minutes

Total costs:
less than 10€

1. Start by pinning one end of a garland to the styrofoam ball
2. Wrap the garland around the ball tightly until you have reached the starting point, where you secure the garland with another pin.
3. Keep wrapping in a stellar method until the ball is fully covered with tinsel.
4. Use the same method to attach the ribbon
5. Add the tinsel pompoms. You can either glue them ( with styrofoam glue), or pin them. I pinned mine because I plan to reuse those items after New Year's Eve.

And that's it!

Ann-Kay Design
HH, Germany
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