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Tron Party for Two (34 photos)


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Two of my three boys have a birthday in October and it's been a tradition to celebrate their birthdays with one big party.  This year the boys wanted a TRON themed party combined with Cosmic Bowling and a sleepover with all of their friends.

The Decor:
Tron Legacy is not a new movie, so it was difficult to find coordinating party supplies, but luckily Disney Family still had a whole section on their site dedicated to Tron for inspiration. A major challenge was to mimic the environment of the grid without making it a glow in the dark party because good black lighting can be costly.  We decided to utilize LED lights and also replaced our regular light bulbs with black lights. Fortunately, stores have stocked up on both holiday lights and black lights for Halloween and Christmas.

The Desserts:
I decided to have a simple dessert table for several of reasons:
1. The kids were going to be with us overnight and I didn't want 9 kids overly excited from the sugar rush;
2. Time - because my husband's 40th bday was last weekend I just didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare a large buffet of goodies and
3. Cost- since we were taking all the kids Cosmic Bowling I needed to stick to a modest dessert table budget.

Cosmic Bowling:

A local bowling alley has glow in the dark bowling on the weekends and it was the perfect activity to continue on with the Tron theme.  The kids all had a great time bowling the night away.

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