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Pancakes and Pajamas (24 photos)


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Sweet Sophia is a spunky three year old with a penchant for pancakes and that led to the perfect party theme for her third birthday.  This party took place in the morning, so heading to the party in P.J's worked just perfectly for the little guests.

Upon arrival they were greeted with themed music, all the songs were either about waking up and included not only the Beatles (Good Day Sunshine), Jack Johnson (Banana Pancakes) as well as some flash back Brady Bunch favorites (Sunshine Day anyone?)!  This mix was on rotation throughout the party and not even the adults seemed to get tired of it!

There were three stations to visit that the party guest could vist as they choose: The Pancake Toss (I created felt pancake beanbags that they tried to throw into buckets), Make a door hanger, and pancake picture coloring.  After awhile of rotating through these activities it was story time.  There were three stories which we read,  If You Give A Pig A Pancake is one of Sophia's favorites so we started with that followed by Curious George Makes Pancakes.  Both these stories are great for the younger crowd.  After stories it was time to make cereal necklaces by stringing fruit loops onto yarn.  The kids loved making (and eating these at the same time).  Lastly there was a panacke relay during which the children had to walk from one point to the next holding the beanbag pancakes on a spatula.

Fun foods were available throughout the party including yogurt parfaits, fruit cups, munchkin pops and waffle pops but of course Pancakes were the star of this party and Sophia's father cooked up enough to fill all those little bellies.  During their pancake breakfast they sat at a table made to look like a bed, complete with "bunny slippers" holding the silverware.  The children enjoyed Strawberry or Chocolate milk with their pancakes and after all of this were treated to both cake and cupcakes.

Sophia's mother created the most amazing cake in the shape of a 3 and covered with coordinating chocolate candies.  It was such a hit and no doubt Sophia will remember how much love her mom put into that cake!  The adorable cupcakes featured "bacon and egg" toppers (white chocolate, yellow candies and pretzel sticks) which coordinated with the breakfast theme.

Since Sophia's uncle operates a maple syrup farm that was a natural choice for favors.  

This party was so much fun to put together - I loved every bit of it but the best part was meeting spunky Sophia!

Party Printables and styling: dot & dash:

Cake and Cupcakes: Sophia's super mom!



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