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Belle Themed Birthday (6 photos)


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One of our favorite clients asked us to create a Belle Birthday Party for her 3rd Birthday Party. How can you say no to that? For the party we decided to go for more of a vintage vibe then the typical cartoon character to change things up a little. The first thing that came to mind was the magical rose. We glitterized a faux rose and placed it under the famous glass bell jar. Lumiere was next on our list. We found the perfect silver candle holder and painted it gold and topped it off with white candles.

The delicious chocolate chip cupcakes were topped off with a buttercream rose and the yellow dress sugar cookies got their sparkle from some yellow sanding sugar. To represent the famous yellow dress we added two light yellow ruffle runners and topped one off with a vase of the magical red roses. The party would not be complete without the birthday girl having her own miniature chocolate chip cake.

We had too much fun singing "Be Our Guest" while baking and crafting. Thanks for allowing us to be little princesses again and apart of another special Birthday!


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