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Mini Chalkboards: Wedding Table Decor (8 photos)


Mini Chalkboards: Wedding Table Decor / Party Decor / Signage

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When we were traveling Europe this summer, one of the gals, Hanna, brought along a small chalkboard she had painted and each day, we would write the day and what we were doing. It was a lot of fun, gave us an excuse to have several photo shoots - AND, when I look back at the pictures, it helps to remind me what we did and when we did it!

I was totally inspired by the small chalkboard and thought it would be perfect for wedding table assignments. When Patricia asked me to help out with the reserved for family and bridal party signs I immediately thought these would be perfect!

JoAnn's has the small chalkboards, but the Ontario store doesn't keep very many in stock at a time. I only needed a few, so I didn't have a problem. They were already "chalkboard ready" - but I wanted the nice black color on the chalkboard portion, so I taped off the edges and sprayed the center with Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint. Two light coats was enough for me - it covers very easily!

I then taped off the center chalkboard portion and sprayed the outside edges with Krylon Gloss Purple spraypaint to match the purple color scheme of the wedding.

I noticed a few bleeds onto the back of the chalkboard and since these would be sitting on mini easels, I didn't want the back to show. I cut purple scrapbooking paper to fit the back and using double-sided stick squares (it's what I had available), I adhered the paper to the back of the chalkboard.

I think they turned out super cute! AND - the chalkboards can be used over and over again for different parties, weddings, and other events. They can even be repainted!

Full tutorial and blog post can be found here:


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